Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

!±8± Three Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy can be the best alternative energy for the future of mankind. According to scientists, our sun has an expected life of 5000000000 years. Compared to the sun, our oil and gas is fast, save with experts that in ten years, we have a real energy crisis, unless we act now. Solar energy is the answer to meet our energy needs? I'd like to share three interesting facts about the sun to produce energy.

The best energy for ourThe sun is an environmental source of clean energy for our environment because there are no moving parts, no gas emissions, does not destroy natural resources can force our homes small and large power plants has. Solar energy, unlike other energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and leaves no residue known. Solar energy has many uses radiation energy for many uses. And 'to heat the water, the heads of power and power exit signs will be used to produce electricity for lighting, cooking, and isused for many other applications. The demand for solar systems continues to increase with the question now before the supply. More and more are used as demand grows larger. There are two types of solar-One is passive and the other is active. Person may be best described as the sun's energy to heat water, air, our homes, heat and thermal mass heat. There are many types of heating coils were, the liquid can be heated, includesolar energy. This is always a very popular way to heat water for our homes, as some heaters consume a third of our energy costs. You may have heard a mirrored wall, a wall, painted black is usually made of concrete, and faces the South for the full sun. This can be used to heat a house with stored energy from the sun in the night. Active is better described as a means, electrical or mechanical device for the transfer of solar energy described. Some examples of this type wouldThe solar panels that generate electricity with light-sensitive cells. This is what is called a photovoltaic system. If the system uses pumps or fans for the supply of solar energy, this is also an active system.

As an energy consultant and is actively involved with alternative energy sources, I became even more aware of the importance of "solar energy" is in our lives. Important advances in this technology, rather it possible to install a home solar panels on their homes. I justThe three interesting facts about solar energy, knowing that I break even the most in more specific areas.

Three Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

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