Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 Gallon Metal Blitz Gas Can with Metal Mountable Carrier

!±8±5 Gallon Metal Blitz Gas Can with Metal Mountable Carrier

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Post Date : Aug 21, 2011 03:40:07
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Tradition meets innovation with the new Enviro-Flo 5 Gallon bright red jerry can. Advanced spout design combined with child-resistant features and emission reducing technology delivers a user-friendly and environmentally safe fuel storage solution. The easy to use spout features convenient variable flow, automatic venting, automatic locking when lever is released, and an airtight seal when not in use to reduce spills. Made from heavy-gauge steel by handcrafted manufacturing. Meets D.O.T. regulations. Complies with California Air Resource Board requirements and EPA requirements for portable fuel containers. Includes metal bung for transportation and storage, ID tag, and a handy, flexible extension tube. Unit Dimensions: 13.75"x 6.5"x 18.25" Plus Unique design mounts 5 gallon Blitz industrial or consumer gas containers. Made of heavy-gauge steel through handcrafted manufacturing .Comes with an adjustable wide nylon strap and is the perfect way to carry your original Blitz 5 gallon metal gas can (jerry can). Unit Dimensions14.25"x 6"x 7.8"

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