Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why do dogs have seizures?

!±8± Why do dogs have seizures?

Watch your dog has a seizure can be a frightening and heartbreaking. The dog gnaws a bone easily tip suddenly whining, pathetic, drooling, and paddle your feet wet on the carpet. I hope you will never look at your dog has a seizure, but to know to understand the causes of seizures and what to do about a great help if your dog has one.

Seizures in dogs have many causes, but dogs are the most common epilepsy. The dog isare repeated attacks by uncontrolled activities of the brain. Seizures can not be cured, but can be controlled with medication. Just to name a few, are the Poodle, German Shepherd Dog, Keeshond, Cocker Spaniel some breeds are prone to seizures. Canine seizures are idiopathic, and it is shown that it is hereditary.

Seizures can be caused by brain tumors. A brain tumor can grow brain tissue by tumors or other organs of the body can spread in the brain.If a cancer spreads, it will put pressure on the brain, resulting in crisis. Distemper is another cause of dog attacks. This viral disease that causes brain damage usually affects puppies that are not vaccinated. Distemper is through feces, urine and saliva transferred and exposed to two or three weeks after the viral disease, attacks the dog. Seizures are with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a disease caused by ticks.

DogsScavengers. They are voracious eaters as well. Spoiled food from garbage cans, poisonous house plants, the grass can be sprayed with toxic chemicals and attractive again for the dog to do without. Once these toxic substances ingested, the animal may have a bout of vomiting and cramps. Unlike seizures, need this kind of attack urgent medical attention. A dog with a seizure get your feet for children, while a dog with stiff legs have venom-induced seizure. The probability ofRecovery depends on the type of toxin and how quickly treatment is given to the dog.

A dog that is not an attack on a good show. A panic would naturally want to help a pet owner. Although it is very difficult, the best thing to do is stay calm. The dog may be very stressed, but actually does not feel pain during an attack. Keep calm and make the animal as comfortable as possible. Talking with reassuring voice. It helps if the animal knows youthere.

Why do dogs have seizures?

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